The Umbrella Academy: please don’t make me watch this

In mid-February, it felt like all anyone was talking about was Netflix’s new series The Umbrella Academy, so I had to check out the trailer. I was underwhelmed. Actually, upon learning that the series was about superheroes, I was completely checked out. I’m not really into superhero movies.

But many people who’s television opinions I generally trust insisted I watch (“it’s funny!”; “you’ll love the characters!”; “the superhero stuff is fun!”). So I, lacking any backbone or conviction and easily succumbing to peer pressure, proceeded to begin a series I already knew I wouldn’t like with high hopes and blind faith that it would surprise me.

I watched the first episode. I didn’t like the superhero storyline, I thought it was outrageously over-acted, and the dark blue hue of the entire series annoyed me. I went back to my friends and insisted it wasn’t for me, but was met with more persuasion (“the characters will grow on you!”; “there’s really great plot twists!”). At this point, I’m sure you all realize I finished the series.

Did my opinion of the series ever change? No. Well, maybe slightly.

I kept asking myself, am I the one that’s wrong here? Everyone likes this but me. After finishing the series, I am convinced that it’s for kids, or at least teens. There’s nothing wrong with that; I love many shows for teens, but more of the high school drama variety. The overacting and PG-nature of the show (barely anyone even kisses) feels geared toward a younger audience. Are all superhero movies like this? I wouldn’t know… I’ve only seen Black Panther, which is meant for both adults and children, so maybe I’m not off. If it is for younger audiences, that wouldn’t normally scare me away. But, come to think of it, when I was younger, I still wasn’t watching this type of content anyways so I’m not sure why I would expect to like it now.

In the end, I did find many of the twists and turns of the plot exciting. Some were even surprising. I think I understand why someone would like the characters or the superpowers, but I don’t think I ever did. I was swept up in a cultural conversation because I have constant FOMO, not because I actually care about the conversation. I haven’t found anyone else with my opinion on the show, but I’m still looking for them. So, I hope you liked The Umbrella Academy and didn’t waste 10 hours of your life. If you didn’t, please find me so we can vent together and try to stand stronger next time someone recommends something that isn’t for us.

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